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Damon's Green Program starts with a survey to determine what your goals are for you facility. We than create a program customized to meet your goals which includes products, recycling, equipment, procedures, and training.
Environmentally Preferable  Program Benefits
Damon has products available that are EPA Design for the Environment (DfE) and/or Green Seal approved, along with products which are environmentally preferable for use when there is no green product (such as disinfectants/sanitizers) or when a green product is not economically feasible.
Damon has for many years practiced recycling and reduction of environmental impact in its own manufacturing and operations. Our emissions to air and water are kept as near zero as possible. In fact, our emissions are below the reporting threshold for EPA Section 313 Tier I reporting. In the past year we have recycled 15 tons of plastic and metal drums, other containers and lead storage batteries.
Damon Industries is a CleanGredients® subscriber. We use this service to research safer ingredients for use in new product formulations and to replace less-safe ingredients in current products.
CleanGredients® is a registered service mark of GreenBlue.
E-Clean Products
"Clean right to get green"

E-Clean Products cover all your maintenance needs from floor care to carpet care and washroom maintenance with both a environmentally preferable product as well as environmentally preferable packaging. For all of your cleaning needs. Certified safe for the environment, people and all living things.
Floor Cleaner - e-clean products Floor Cleaner is formulated to really clean high gloss floors. With a pH just above neutral it has the alkaline punch to remove soil but not dull the gloss of the finish. At "in use" dilution it closely matches the pH of the finish. E-clean products Floor Cleaner is the finest cleaner available for high traffic, high gloss, floors.

Stripper for Floors - e-clean Stripper is an aggressive, non-ammoniated, emulsifying stripper that is concentrated, fast acting and very low in odor. It has superior stripping efficiency that translates into real labor cost savings

Floor Finish - The foundation of any floor care program, e-clean Floor Finish is a non heavy metal, state of the art polymer blend that dries to a high initial gloss and holds up under heavy traffic.

Carpet Cleaner - The problem with other carpet cleaning solutions is they leave a sticky residue and cause rapid resoiling. We have eliminated that problem with our e-clean Carpet Cleaner. Third generation dehydration technology without acrylics.

Carpet Spotter - Outstanding anti-resoiling technology which is critical with spotting because in most cases chemical residue is not removed after application.

Glass Cleaner SC - e-clean Glass Cleaner is a concentrate developed for easy fast and effective cleaning of glass, counters, sinks and other hard surfaces not harmed by water. Quickly cuts through the heavier soils deposited in factories, offices, schools, hospitals, hotels, motels, etc.

Spray Cleaner - e-clean spray cleaner is a unique, formulation that contains no butyl or any other solvent, yet cleans better than products that do. Quickly emulsifies and dissolves animal fats, vegetable oils, petroleum greases and oils, then suspends them along with soil for easy removal.

Restroom Cleaner SC - e-clean restroom cleaner is a concentrate developed for easy fast and effective cleaning of glass, counters, sinks, toilet and other hard surfaces not harmed by water. Excellent also for ceramic tile, porcelain, formica, stainless steel and other high gloss surfaces. It will effective remove soap film and mineral deposits from hard water.

Green Seal Certified® AeroBlue is the ideal choice for economical hand and body cleansing in all types of public facilities.

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