Since 1938
"Our tradition is chemical technology. Our future is the knowledge to use that technology wisely and effectively for the benefit of our customers."
Since 1938 Damon Industries has been providing innovative solutions for customer's cleaning and sanitation needs. Organized into divisions specializing in specific market segments, our focus has been to learn the customer's business and customize products and services to best meet those needs.

From our manufacturing plant in Alliance, Ohio, product flows directly and through a network of market-specific distributors, to customers across the country and to many areas of the world. Our mission is to enhance our customers' business climate, for employees and patrons, through innovative, user-friendly products and services, while being responsible to the global community. Please browse our offerings and contact us for your specific needs.
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Damon Industries is a CleanGredients® subscriber. We use this service to research safer ingredients for use in new product formulations and to replace less-safe ingredients in current products.
CleanGredients® is a registered service mark of GreenBlue.
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