Products for Food Processing

Da-Clean™ A.P.C. - This is a concentrated, environmentally friendly product that breaks down organics including fats, oils, and greases.  It controls odors, separates waste components and enhances waste stabilization processes such as composting and wastewater treatment.  Da-Clean™ A.P.C. contains NO bacteria, solvents, caustics, acids, or phosphates.  Da-Clean™ A.P.C. is both environmentally and personnel friendly.  Requiring only eye protection for personal protective equipment.

Da-Clean™ A.P.C. FOAMER - High foaming version of Da-Clean™ A.P.C for those preferring foam applications.

LIFT AWAY - Special formulation all purpose cleaner for use in all areas of the meat and deli departments. Lift Away is acceptable to use in a spray-on application.  This product is a tough job cleaner but has special additives to make it easy to rinse away.  Lift Away is suited to be run through all metering equipment.  Low foaming agents allow cases and equipment to be cleaned without suds interfering with cleaning procedures.  Lift Away is USDA ACCEPTED (A-1) as a cleaner for all surfaces.

POLY-STRIP - A highly concentrated multi-purpose cleaner which exhibits practically no foam at any temperature and under all degrees of agitation. Dilute 1 to 4 for soaking of articles with heavy grease build-up such as chain conveyors, hooks and tools. USDA A-1

FOAM-CHLOR™ - Foam-Chlor High foaming cleaner for cutting boards, grout, concrete, and discolored surfaces.  Apply full strength, agitate with brush let stand for 10-15 minutes then scrub, and rinse.  For food surfaces rinse and sanitize before next use.  Cleaning hard surfaces and equipment: Apply through all metering equipment at 3-4 ounces per gallon.  Let stand 5 minutes and rinse. 


SF-77® - A heavy duty synthetic cleaner/degreaser concentrate.  SF-77 is a diphase cleaner which means that it works like a detergent on dirt and like a solvent on grease and oil.  The synthetic cleaners will not leave a residue.  SF-77 is non-flammable and dilutes with plain water.  Contains no dangerous solvents.  At high use dilutions SF-77 is the perfect cleaner for stainless steel, Formica , painted surfaces, and appliances.  At lower dilutions SF-77 is powerful enough to clean grills, filters, engines, and for small parts stripping.  It is also a good car and truck body washer that will not harm paint, but removes road oil and grime.  SF-77 is excellent for cleaning aluminum as it will remove moderate oxidation. USDA A-4 (Floors and Walls)


Da-Clean™ ULTRA DETERGENT - Specially formulated for washing pots and pans in meat rooms, delis, bakeries, and institutional facilities. Breaks down grease, fats and oils leaving the surface clean and fresh.  Da-Clean Ultra Detergent contains NO bacteria, solvents, caustics, acids, or phosphates.  Da-Clean Ultra Detergent is both environmentally and personnel friendly.  Da-Clean Ultra Detergent has a pleasant lemon scent.

LARK® - A neutral high foaming synthetic detergent with a combination of anionic and cationic wetting agents and emulsifiers. The foam is instantaneous, stable and long lasting. Especially useful for hand washing of dishes, silver and glassware, and other uses where the safety of a neutral organic detergent is desirable.


DABRITE® SUPER HYDRO - A dish machine powder. Contains chlorine to reduce spots, stains and bacteria. A free flowing chemically balanced compound with a corrosion inhibitor to protect machine parts from chlorine pitting.


Q-SAN™ - A highly concentrated food contact surface sanitizer-deodorizer for use in food processing facilities, kitchens, restaurants, cafeterias and dairy and other farms.  It is used for sanitizing food processing equipment, dishes, glassware, utensils, silverware, countertops, refrigerated storage and display areas and other hard non-porous surfaces.  No potable water rinse is required. At one quarter to one third of an ounce per gallon it is very economical. Meets recent EPA organic soil and hard water tolerance tests.

STER-O-KEM® CDS - Phosphate-free formula designed to provide effective cleaning, deodorizing, and sanitizing for hospitals, nursing homes, schools, food processing plants, and other institutions where housekeeping is of prime importance in controlling the hazard of cross-contamination.

BIO-RITE #53 - EPA approved Sodium Hypochlorite Antimicrobial solution for porous and non-porous food contact surfaces. May be used for rinse, immersion, flow / pressure, clean-in-place or spray / fog applications.

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