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   We welcome you to the era of intelligent floorcare

    Damon Industries is proud to be one of eight Nilfisk authorized regional
    distribution and repair centers for this new robotic technology. Members
    of our four-star-rated service team have been training for months to
    become proficient at programming, maintaining and servicing this new
    technological breakthrough.

With a century’s knowledge behind its development, and today’s most advanced robotics technology
powering its capabilities, the autonomous Nilfisk Liberty SC50 represents our commitment to delivering the world’s most intelligent cleaning solutions.
By successfully integrating an array of 3D, 2D, infrared and depth sensors within a high-performance scrubber-dryer, Nilfisk has elevated floorcare to new standards of both effectiveness and efficiency.
Safety-certified, fully autonomous and designed for consistent results with minimal oversight, the Nilfisk Liberty SC50 allows operators to focus on tasks that
benefit the most from valuable human effort, and provides the means for unmatched productivity in any cleaning operation.
Because safety is a prime objective when working with autonomous solutions, the Nilfisk Liberty SC50 is engineered to ensure smooth synergy within its operating environment.

• User-access configuration prevents
  unauthorized intervention
• Leaves floors spotless and dry to reduce
  high-traffic slip risks
• Adjusts in real-time to route changes and
  obstacles – including people
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