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Winterfect has been one of Damon’s best selling products for over 40 years. It has been a favorite of veterinary clinics, and breeders because of the wintergreen fragrance. Now, a new formula brings Winterfect into the 21st century. The new product is effective against many more germs than the previous formula and is one of the most broad range disinfectants for animal care facilities on the market today.

Winterfect III is a concentrated 2 ounce per gallon  hospital-grade disinfectant that utilizes the latest  synergistic quaternary blend. It exhibits high soil and hard water (400ppm) tolerance with good cleaning performance.

Winterfect as been proven effective against over 84 organisms and is EPA registered. Some of the animal pathogens killed are Avian influenza A, Canine distemper and Feline picornavirus. At 8 ounces per gallon Canine parvovirus (CPV)and rabies virus. The product also kills a broad spectrum of human pathogens such as Hepatitus and antibiotic resistant strains such as MRSA and VRE. For the complete list click here.

Winterfect is for use by nursing homes, hospitals, animal breeders, veterinarians, schools, athletic clubs, food service, industrial, restaurant, meat processors, dairies, farms and households. Winterfect is a pink liquid with a mild wintergreen fragrance, a pH of 6.0 - 8.0 and no flash point. It is packaged in gallon jugs (4 per case) and larger sizes also. The same formula is available with a pleasant lavender fragrance under the name Neutra-Stat® 64 and with a clean linen fragrance called Synergy Four Disinfectant.
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Faster methods are available by calling 1-800-362-9850 to order. Orders received by 2:00 pm eastern time are usually shipped same day.
1 Gallon Jugs

1 - $ 39.42 Each
2 - $ 33.63 ea.

Case of 4 Gallons
1 - $ 95.44 / Case

May Only Be Sold to Michigan, Ohio, Pensylvania and West Virginia addresses.

Winterfect is a Federal E.P.A. Registered product that is only sub-registered in Michigan, Ohio, Pensylvania and West Virginia. Therefore it is illegal to sell to, or to use it, in any other state. Please do not order if you are not in MI, OH, PA or WV.