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Cleaner-restorer for white-boards
Daco White-Board Cleaner is packaged in quart bottles. A trigger sprayer is included.
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If you are in the Lower 48 United States you may order direct using the links shown. For Alaska, Hawaii and other countries, please e-mail info@DamonQ.com or call 1-800-362-9850. If you place an order from other than the continental U.S. your money will be refunded and we will send you a price quote for approval. Distributor inquiries are welcome.
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Faster methods are available by calling 1-800-362-9850 to order. Orders received by 2:00 pm eastern time are usually shipped same day.
Daco White-Board Cleaner is the safe and effective way to clean dry-erase boards. It easily removes ghosting and shadowing from heavily used boards.
Damonís unique formulation removes skin oils and other contaminants and leaves no oily residue that can make inks bead-up and writing hard to read.

The product is less hazardous than other cleaning methods. It is non-flammable compared to acetone and rubbing alcohol. It contains no butyl (2-butoxy ethanol) which may be a liver toxin and causes shortness of breath when inhaled. Low toxicity is best when a product is sprayed into the air, especially in classrooms.
White-Board cleaner will not harm floor finish if it drips onto the floor because it has no caustic or harsh solvents.

Dry erase boards become damaged and hard to clean for two reasons. Both are caused by using the wrong cleaner. If the cleaner does not work easily then harsh rubbing and scrubbing is tried. The abrasion of the cleaning cloth scratches and removes the protective coating on the board. Markers can then penetrate the white coating and are difficult to remove. If the cleaner is too harsh, it will remove the protective coating with the same results. Daco White-Board Cleaner requires only light wiping and will never damage the surface. If your boards are already damaged and marks are now difficult to remove, the cleaner will make it easier to maintain a clean, white surface.
Quart with Trigger Sprayer

1 - $28.03 Each
2 - $22.88 Each
3 - $20.13 Each
4 - $18.45 Each

Case of 12 Quarts with 2 Trigger sprayers
$117.67 / case

Trigger Sprayer, 9-1/2" long stem Dip Tube, 1/2 oz., Chemically Resistant
1 - $2.29 Each
3 - $2.12 Each
6 - $2.01 Each