Fur Clean
Deodorizing Pet Shampoo
The Regular Grooming Aid That Removes Skunk Odor Too!
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Fur Clean is a revolutionary deodorizing shampoo using new enzyme technology developed by Damon Industries. The story begins with a specialty non-hazardous cleaner-deodorizer for meat processors. A Damon employee’s dog had a skunk encounter, and desperate to get rid of the odor, he tried a sample of the meat department cleaner. They were amazed at the results. The news spread and a demand for “samples” developed, leading to a product combining a specially formulated shampoo with the odor control enzymes. Many pet-loving employees tried the shampoo and made many suggestions for improving it. Thus Fur Clean was born.
Fur Clean neutralizes odors by digestion, just like your saliva and digestive juices do. No licking necessary! The enzymes digest the odor-causing molecules by breaking their chemical bonds. The result is water and simple molecules that do not smell. There are no harsh chemicals or odor masking agents to irritate skin or pollute the environment.
The odor neutralizers are combined with a mild shampoo and conditioner to make de-skunking as pleasant for you and your pet as possible. Pet owners and groomers have told us that Fur Clean is a better shampoo than many regular shampoos. It is pH balanced and rinses easily leaving the coat detangled, soft and shiny. The fragrance is very light and there are no dyes added. No product is completely irritant-free, but we did our best to limit irritants. There are no cancer-causing ingredients. So keep your hydrogen peroxide for cuts and your tomato juice for drinking (it only fools your nose anyway*) and deodorize the safe, pleasant way, with Fur Clean.

* See why at http://users.humboldt.edu/wfwood/deodorize.shtml

Saturate your pet’s fur with warm water and then squirt enough Fur Clean onto your pet to work up a nice lather. After lathering let it work for 3 to 5 minutes so the shampoo can break the chemical bonds of the odor molecules. Rinse well.  Repeat if necessary. Works best with warm water. Avoid contact with your pet’s eyes.  You wouldn’t like it in yours. Use a sponge or cloth to apply it to their face.

If you are in the Lower 48 United States you may order direct using the links shown. For Alaska, Hawaii and other countries, please e-mail info@DamonQ.com or call 1-800-362-9850. If you place an order from other than the continental U.S. your money will be refunded and we will send you a price quote for approval. Distributor inquiries are welcome.
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       odor removal, doesn’t bleach fur
For healthy, happy animals... and happy animal lovers too!
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Faster methods are available by calling 1-800-362-9850 to order. Orders received by 3:00 pm eastern time are usually shipped same day.
“It is awesome.  It rinses out easily and really does work on “doggie” odor.  There is no wet dog smell when I’m finished.  I like this shampoo!  My Doberman’s short, bristled fur is so soft when I’m done.  I get a lot of compliments on how slick and shiny his coat is.”
     Amy G., Louisville, Ohio

“I used the shampoo three times on dogs.  I’ve had experience with skunk shampoos, and the problem with the majority of skunk shampoos is that they are usually harsh and dry out the animal’s skin.  Fur Clean is gentle enough that it does not dry out the skin, and the conditioner helps in combing out the dog.  One of the (very large) dogs was terribly snarled and matted.  The shampoo not only got rid of the bad smell, detangling the dog was much easier.”
     Groomer, Alliance, Ohio

"Great fragrance. Excellent performance and ease of use."
     Patricia A. Tucker, Alliance Animal Hospital, Inc.
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