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Quart can (19 ounces dry weight)

1 - $32.25 Each
2 - $25.43 Each (50.86 total)
3 - $21.67 Each (65.01 total)

Case of 6 Quart cans
$84.59 / case (14.10/qt)

Radiator Repair/Mfg.
CORE-SURE was designed as a "come-back insurance" for radiator repair shops. It can also be used in an emergency to keep a vehicle on the road, sometimes temporarily, sometimes semi-permanently depending on the condition of the radiator and the size of the leaks.

COME BACK INSURANCE - After repairing the radiator, put one tablespoonful of CORE-SURE in either the top or bottom of the radiator and disperse it throughout with compressed air. Not even you will be able to tell it is there. When the radiator is placed in service, any leaks or seepage that might develop later will be completely sealed. NOTE: For larger radiators a proportionately larger amount of CORE-SURE will be required.

CORE-SURE combines linseed meal and a thermosetting resin for superior results. The meal swells up to seal the leaks and the resin makes the repair longer lasting. If a radiator is in very bad shape more new leaks may develop than CORE-SURE can handle. Adding more CORE-SURE will work up to a point. Too much could cause other problems and more than two tablespoons in an automotive radiator is never recommended except as a very short term solution.

CORROSION PREVENTION - CORE-SURE also contains an effective corrosion inhibitor for copper and brass. This inhibitor gives added protection on top of that provided by coolant. It is not meant to take the place of anti-freeze or coolant.
WATER PUMP LUBRICATION - Another plus for both your customer and you. It lubricates without oil.

NON-SELECTIVE - CORE-SURE works equally well in water and antifreeze, yet it is not activated by the small amount of water left in the core from testing.

REDUCE COSTS - Make more money by eliminating those costly come-backs by using CORE-SURE as insurance. You also are benefiting the customer by protecting his cooling system from corrosion.

CORE-SURE may also be used to seal leaks in a radiator or heater while on the car or truck. - Run the motor until the coolant reaches normal operating temperature. Then put one or two tablespoonsful of CORE-SURE into the radiator. Run engine until leaks are stopped.

NOTE: If CORE-SURE is used in place of repairing a leaking radiator or heater the leaks may be stopped for a long time. However, an old radiator or heater will continue developing new leaks, often in a very sort time. CORE-SURE may be added more than once to a cooling system, but CORE-SURE is not designed to be added over and over again. Over-use may cause plugging of radiator tubes and heater cells. As soon as possible, replace old radiators and heaters and flush the cooling system, refilling with fresh water and coolant.

CORE-SURE is packaged in quart plastic cans containing 19 ounces dry weight. There are 6 cans per case.